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We are freeLook Export/Import and this is our service for transportation

Wherever you are and whatever you need of unalived goods, we will bring it to you. Depend on our customer wish we sell first or second hand products, which still good quality, already inspected by different authorities in order to get the certificate of quality or ISO standard. Our food has the certificate of German chemical authority, which is the highest standard in the world. Following lists are just parts of freeLook Export/Import but listed for better overview:

Different motor vehicles and machines like

  • Trucks, cars & motorcycles
  • Mining & drilling machines
  • Agriculture machines

Different electrical machines like

  • Building & constructing machines
  • Wood and metal work machines
  • Tailoring and home machines

Different kinds of high quality food like

  • luxury products like coffee and cocoa
  • farm products like rice and maize flour (called "Ugali" in Swahili)
  • plantation products like nuts and dry fruits
photo of a container shipping area of freeLook Export/Import
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