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Photo of Tanzanian Safari Team of freeLook

We are freeLook Adventure!

Photo of Tanzanian Director of freeLook: Henry Claud Egito


My name is Henry Claud Egito, I'm born in Tanzania and I created freeLook to give people the chance to see the real Tanzania in Africa. My Love live in Germany, but I still love my country and whenever I heard people talking about their safari in Tanzania, it made me sad, because none of them saw more then the wild animals on their travel. Together with some friends the idea was founded, to find travel tours away from the typical African tourism travels. This tours we want to show you, because Tanzania has so much more to see: different cultures and life livings, wonderful landscapes and natures and last but not least wild animals or farm pets.
Photo of German admin of freeLook in wheelchair: Claudia Band


I'm Claudia Band from Germany and I helped Henry to bring freeLook to reality in media. Because of health I need to live in a warm country in German winter time and firstly I chose Tanzania because of the cheap prices. Today I founded my family there and if I think back to the beginning time, it was my best decision. First I asked the tourism information about a cheap trip to Tanzania for some months, they didn't have! Then I asked about some things I can see there, they gave me a lot of different safaris, all too expensive and not individual enough for a trip with wheelchair. I asked for something different to see and they told me smiling lazy, that Tanzania don't have! So just because of Henry, now the director of freeLook, I was able to solve this problem: Always I was living in normal flats with native neighbours and few by few I get to know this wonderful country - as I was wishing.
Photo of Tanzanian Assistant: Josephat Raphael Nkungugu


I am Josephat Raphael, personal assistant of Henry. I met Henry, when he was searching for people, who he can work with in his company, while he is in Germany. I take care, that everything goes al right, while he is abroad, and act as his assistant by organising drivers, safari cars and everything needed to make his tourist comfortable. I get this job, because of being able to socialise with people and being able to speak different languages like Swahili, English, sign language (for deaf) and also German in practice. So once Henry advertise and promote freeLook in Europe and tourist are found, then they are directed to me. So I take tourists from airport and bring them to their booked hotel ready for travel according to his or her proffered tourist attractions and at the end I bring them back to the airport for the journey back to their home country.
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