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Tanzania is a really differentiated country: You can climb in the mountains, you can visit the jungle and you can make a safari in the savannah to see the wild animals. You can swim in the ocean and in the lakes, so wide that you can't see the horizon. Our cities can be as busy as a pulse or calm like a village. Rich business people and poor farmers, living calmly together, in small houses or open farms.

You can travel by flight, ferry or boat, with a native taxi or try your luck to get a space in the public transport. You can have a culture trip or a lazy day in the sun on the sea. How close you want to live with real natives, we of freeLook can support you and show you, what Tanzania has more than the normal tourism is able to show you. And even if you like to make a typical safari: We know, where the best hotels and the best places are, because we come from here and we want to show you our real Tanzania.
We have beautiful landscapes, wonderful ocean areas and different possibilities to see wild animals. Tanzania is famous for their safaris of the big five: Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard, but also for their fruits, coffee and cocoa. It is a rich country of minerals and landscapes. Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria and even the ocean itself or Zanzibar are just few of the possibilities. Please have a look on our Safaris. Get to know what we want to show you in our Media.
photo of a lion from a freeLook Adventure safari
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