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African travel tours can be really different. That's why, we offer our Tanzanian safaris based on the wishes of our customers. We have adventures with wild animals, climbing mountains or walking through the jungle. We have trips to the native agriculture with farm animals or we can show you the different tribes of our country. All includes wonderful beach or lake areas and beautiful landscapes. If wished a personal flight in a small plane for seeing everything like a bird is even possible. Please have a look on our Safaris and enjoy the Media of the visitors, who was already on tour with us. Please note our price list and contact us.
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Example adventures with freeLook:

Native safari in Dar Es Salaam - between 4 and 8 days

Living with native neighbours, buying in the market and trying to handle a middle standard Tanzanian life, is the main point of this travel. It's including a guided tour for watching the city and even also a safari to see different life standards in different areas. We will show you our beautiful beaches on the day and give you a night trip to the mountains around, that you can see the stars in the city mirrored. Here we offer a safari with a small plane to get a concept of the country. Small pocket traveller can use their chance to make their dream of Africa become true.
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Culture safari - between 9 and 12 days

Cultures, landscapes and animals are the main points in this safari: We offer a short tour in the closed national park - to see the big five: Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard - and you come in touch with different native cultures included agriculture and farm animals, like camel, cow, sheep and goat. We show you, how sugar and bananas grow and you will visit plantations of the famous cocoa and coffee and get to know yourself, where the expensive price comes from. You will see big cities and small villages, spend your nights close to Masai in tent or in ocean resort in Dar Es Salaam. We want to give you a full knowledge about our country and how so many different tribes can live calmly together. You will go back to home not just with experiences and photos, but even with a small language knowledge about our spoken Swahili.

Country safari - between 13 and 16 days

How becomes a landscape a country? History and religions, cultures and languages, people tribes and living standards, landscapes and animals, materials and water - all this made Tanzania, how it is now. In this travel tour you get to know the stories about our country. Of course everybody know the colonialism of Africa, but just few know the tribe stories about witches and witch doctors. In Tanzania Muslim and Christian are friends and give the way for open mind in actual questions of politics. You will see mines of rich minerals, but poor people who do their work. You will get to know the political tightrope between all those differences, because all you will see with your own eyes.
photo of a Masai woman selling together with her child from a freeLook Adventure touring for safari
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